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سيروم هالورونيك اسيد النقي من تايم ليس الشهير الحائز على مراجعات مرتفعة وكثيرة عالمياً هو عبارة عن سيروم نقي من حمض الهيالورونك اسيد غير دهني يحتوي على مواد طبيعية فعالة تمد البشرة بترطيب قوي. هذا السيروم المفيد مصنع في امريكا وهو يجف بسرعة وخالي من البارابين والاصباغ والمعطرات المضافة. يمكنك استخدا..
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This magic multi-purpose cream is a unique blend of natural ingredients with super-hydrating powers. You can use it as a face cream, eye cream, hair mask, burn and wound relief, to moisturize chapped / dry skin, as a lip balm, baby cream, after shave balm, or to treat scars and stretch marks, and it..
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O-Z Naturals - Vitamin C Face Wash - 118 ml
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Oz Natural face wash, available at Nice One, restores the healthy glow of your skin as it works to treat pigmentation, stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and improve its texture to make it more elastic and full.It comes with a unique formula of Vitamin C and E plus a blend of Hyaluronic Aci..
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Nourish and moisturize dry and dull skinHelps balance skin moisture levelsIt speeds up the process of replacing skin cells, keeping skin fresh and healthyHelps reduce the appearance of surface lines and wrinklesNaturally tightens and strengthens sagging skin..
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