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العطور النسائية

A floral fruity fragrance for women, it gives you an attractive feminine touch, and enhances the beauty of your personality, with a wonderful combination of bergamot, pineapple buds and vetiver...
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Valentina Eau de Parfum for Women is characterized by its floral, fruity and fresh scent, and is presented in a wonderful bottle. The top notes accentuate the bright citrus scent and aromatic hint of white truffle. The heart of the fragrance smells of tuberose with the scent of orange blossom, and t..
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A fragrance with a blend of oriental fruits and flowers gives you unparalleled appeal and temptation...
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Fragrant grabs attention with its bold notes of tangerine and pink pepper. In addition to an aromatic blend of violet, heliotropine and patchouli. A fragrance that carries one to new heights of luxury with light touches but rich in amber. The result is a scent that captures emotions and imposes thei..
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A wonderful feminine fragrance full of freedom and vitality that gives you amazing sensuality and charm, with an amazing blend of mandarin, patchouli and vetiver...
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Candy perfume from the Prada collection is a charming fragrance for women. It surprises you at first with the scent of white musk with a mixture of caramel extracts that give the fragrance a unique effect...
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An oriental floral fragrance that provides you with a distinct presence wherever you go, with an amazing blend of orchid, vanilla and ebony...
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An oriental floral fragrance for women, it gives you comfort, activity and great love for life, thanks to its amazing notes with a mixture of pink pepper, African orange blossom and tonka bean...
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A floral fruity fragrance that complements your look with its sweetness, with a wonderful blend of yuzu, magnolia, musk and amber...
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An amazing fragrance from the floral woody family with a scent full of femininity and beauty, it contains a wonderful combination that simulates the delicacy of women, show your confidence and attract everyone around you and impress them with this fragrance..
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Brand: Christine
Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto is an eloquent statement of femininity from Yves Saint Laurent. For a woman who renews the meaning of her life every moment. Bold with all its contradictions and hyperbole. It goes beyond norms to draw its own laws. For her, life without passion has no meaning. For a wom..
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